Ben Wiles, B.A., C.R.S.S.

Director of Operations

Henry Mitchell, B.A., B.S., C.R.S.S.

Program Assistant

Duane Garner, C.R.S.S.

Program Assistant

Sharon Rosson

Office Manager

Nathan Henderson, M.A.

Residential Counselor

Betty Sue Schryver

Registered Nurse Practitioner

Michael Atkinson


Lanya Daffin, M.S.

Residential Counselor

Rob Mayer, A.A.S.

Program Assistant

Raschelle Riley, M.Ed., N.C.C., A.L.C.

Residential Program Coordinator

Kelsi Tippery, M.S.

Public Relations Director

Elijah Pirtle

Program Assistant

Stephanie Kucera, B.A., A.D.C., C.R.S.S.

Residential Counselor

Carl McNatt, M.A., L.P.C.-S

Executive Director

Clifford Kennedy, C.R.S.S.

Program Assistant

Salley Beck

Intake & Compliance Specialist

Lacey Broadus, M.S., L.P.C.-S, M.A.C.

Clinical Director

Steven Smith

Program Assistant

Joe Mahar, C.R.S.S.

Program Assistant Team Lead

Whitey Whiten

Court Liaison

Meet The Shoulder Staff