The Shoulder is committed to serving the community through education. If your agency is interested in learning more about the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and where to turn for help, give us a call at 251-626-2199. Our staff will provide on-site education to your employees/volunteers on a variety of topics related to substance abuse disorders and treatment options available. 

Shoulder Outreach

The Shoulder recognizes that many who would benefit from substance abuse services are not involved in a recovery community and are not aware of the services or resources available. The Shoulder will make appropriate referrals for individuals based on the assessment. 

To schedule an assessment, or for questions about Outreach, contact 251-626-2199


The Shoulder provides substance abuse assessments for $50. 

Special considerations will always be made regarding priority populations including the following in the following order:

  • Individuals who are pregnant and have intravenous substance use disorders
  • Individuals who are pregnant and have substance use disorders
  • Individuals who have IV (intravenous) substance use disorders
  • Women with dependent children
  • Individuals who are HIV positive
  • All others with substance use disorder