III.1 Low Intensity

Residential Program

  • IV drug users and individuals who are HIV positive are given priority on the waiting list
  • ​If you have questions about your rights, call 1-800-367-0955 to speak with an advocate
  • The Shoulder does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, race, gender, socioeconomic status, or HIV status
  • ​Clients are offered HIV screening and education 
  • Continuing care is offered as long as needed for former clients
  • Extended care is offered to give additional time in treatment for those who need it
  • Family educational groups meet twice per month
  • Random drug testing is conducted to ensure a safe environment for all our clients

​​​The Shoulder Low Intensity Residential Program is open to men ONLY

Things to Know

Program Overview

The primary focus of The Shoulder's residential program is recovery from drug/alcohol abuse. Shoulder residents are required to work as part of the recovery process. We believe that being a working, contributing member of society helps our clients better assimilate to life after treatment and develops a sense of self and purpose.

While residing at The Shoulder, clients work with our Master's level counselors to develop a treatment plan designed to meet their individual needs. Clients are also required to participate in various treatment activities including: educational and process groups, 12-step meetings, spirituality groups, substance education meetings, and individual and family counseling sessions.